Company History

SAIT Ltd was founded in 1992 by engineers who previously worked in the large state-owned space electronics establishment.

In 1992-2006 we designed and produced satellite communications stations:

  • Baseband subsystems for the terminals and hub of the satellite communication system for the Central (State) Bank of Russia. About 700 units produced by our partner, Izhevsk Radioplant.

  • DVB-RCS implementation, both hub and terminals. We produced and deployed a hub and about 30 Ku-band terminals for our customer, Decoptica.

In 2005, we capitalized on our digital signal processing and error correction coding skills to design high-speed X-band transmitter for the student satellite Baumanetz.  This experience was so exiting that we switched our activities to the spacecraft hardware design. Some of our achievements

  • DTRES: X-band downlink transmitters and on-board memory for the ISS Russian segment

  • Transmitter for the scientific satellite Zond-PP

  • Transmitter for the scientific satellite Vernov

  • Memory unit for the cosmic ray research experiment Nucleon (MSU, on board of the Resurs-P #2 satellite)

  • Transmitters and memory units for the AIST-2D satellite

and others.

Some of our projects are described here.


Our company is headquartered in the Zelenograd Innovation Zone. We use 260 sq.m office, including 65 sq.m  lab clean room. We also have 140 sq.m integration and test clean room. We've invested significant resources in the antenna test facility. It features the flat near field scanner for antenna arrays up to 8x1.5 m, installed in the partial anechoic chamber.


Our team comprises 24 professionals: hardware, FPGA and RF designers, structure engineers, programmers and technicians. All of them contribute to our success. We take pride in our technological culture, which enables us to achieve great things together every day.

Meet our management team

Dmitry Safronov


Andrey Kuzmenko


Roman Burkut

Head of the production and hardware design department

Eugene Kruglik

Head of the FPGA design department

Petr Lysenko

Head of the software design department