PDR of the Luna-26 project

We've concluded PDR of the Luna-26 project, that is Luna-Resurs orbiter.

The main problem was the link capacity. There is very limited resource in the X-band, just 10 MHz per mission. But the scientific payload would like to have up to 100 Mbps throughput.

So we proposed two possible ways to solve this problem

  1. To use 8PSK modulation and LDPC 7/8 ECC to pack 18 Mbps in this 10 MHz slot.

  2. To use K-band (25.5-17 GHz), where frequency resource is abundant. But, to achieve 100 Mbps throughput, we needed about 12 W power. And, with the help of our partner, Eliars (Zelenograd), we managed to do this.

Both ways have been discussed with ESA specialists in ESOC, Darmstadt, and received their approval. That is, it will be possible to receive information from the Luna-26 on the ESOC Earth stations.